Fathom – Learning Management System

Course dashboard view

Fathom is an award-winning, responsive, modern learning platform that gives your organization the ability to have complete control over the content and presentation. It was built with big brands in mind, in collaboration with Starbucks.

As Technical Director at Mindspace, I designed the platform, hired the product development team, and saw Fathom grow from sticky notes on my home-office wall to over 250,000 active users.

Our team created a feature set attractive to large organizations, such as Starbucks and FedEx, but with a focus on usability and ease of use. Features include content management, theming, templates, team management, internationalization of content and assets, export to multiple training formats, and reporting.

Pg Project for Client
  1. 1. Fathom – Learning Management System for Mindspace
  2. 2. Digital "HERO" Customer Service Training for FedEx
  3. 3. Digital Barista Training for Starbucks
  4. 4. Retail Training 2015 & 2016 for Google
  5. 5. Milestones program for Hyatt
  6. 6. LayoutsModule for Drupal for NBC Sports
  7. 7. Climate Data Explorer for WRI
  8. 8. FCC.GOV – Redesign for FCC