Digital "HERO" Customer Service Training

FedEx course view

I met with the FedEx brand team in Memphis as Technical Director for Mindspace. As technical lead I helped our team with strategy, game design, user experience, and managed the technical build-out of a web-based course on customer service training that was built in the Fathom platform.

The “HERO” program consists of minimal reading, micro-transactions, and simple games to boost customer service training quickly. As you explore the world as a FedEx employee you unlock pieces of information unique to that region.

Using WebGL, my team was able to create a “3D” environment to explore, find easter eggs, and launch into activities.

Pg Project for Client
  1. 1. Fathom – Learning Management System for Mindspace
  2. 2. Digital "HERO" Customer Service Training for FedEx
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  4. 4. Retail Training 2015 & 2016 for Google
  5. 5. Milestones program for Hyatt
  6. 6. LayoutsModule for Drupal for NBC Sports
  7. 7. Climate Data Explorer for WRI
  8. 8. FCC.GOV – Redesign for FCC