FCC.GOV – Redesign

As Design Director at Seabourne I helped in launching a giant re-design and new build of FCC.gov. The team’s unique approach allowed us to launch the first open-data government site using Drupal, and contributed to what came to be FedRAMP and Cloud.gov. The FCC project led to a collection of open-source Drupal modules, such as the Content API, which gave us the ability to create a customized version of FCC.gov using the content from Drupal.

My.FCC was a Javascript application that allowed users to select certain topics and search terms for a customized dashboard into the FCC. With FCC.gov being such a large site, My.FCC allowed users to check on their passion projects quickly, without having to navigate the entire organization.

Pg Project for Client
  1. 1. Fathom – Learning Management System for Mindspace
  2. 2. Digital "HERO" Customer Service Training for FedEx
  3. 3. Digital Barista Training for Starbucks
  4. 4. Retail Training 2015 & 2016 for Google
  5. 5. Milestones program for Hyatt
  6. 6. LayoutsModule for Drupal for NBC Sports
  7. 7. Climate Data Explorer for WRI
  8. 8. FCC.GOV – Redesign for FCC